Molly(2)“Oh it’s just so beautiful, even our 12 year old son thinks it shows Boi’s soul…his own words. It will be displayed prominently in our home for everyone to admire!”
—Heike M. | San Diego, CA

“Got it Julie and love it!!! You have created a real treasure for us. Thanks so much for bringing our beloved lab back to life!”
—Sarah K. | Blue Bell, PA

“I commissioned this portrait as a gift for my brother and his family. I specifically wanted it as a complimentary portrait to one our mother had done, some 50 years ago, of the first Golden Retriever in our family and which hangs in my brother’s home. Chico is a gentle giant of a Golden. When I first saw this painting, I was amazed at how perfectly his personality is captured in a portrait which does not show an open gaze. Again, as I find repeatedly with much of Julie’s work, it is so much more than just a portrait, it is a piece of art even those unfamiliar with the subject can appreciate.”
—Esther L. | Dubai (UAE)

“For years I have been wanting to get the girls’ portraits done and have never “felt” anyone’s work enough to want to get it done. That is until I saw your work. You capture the essence of people and animals in such a unique way. I am not a person to spend money on these type of things but had no problem spending on these works of art! We will cherish these forever and want to again thank you for making Daisy and Toots come alive on canvas!”
—Jeanie H. | Philadelphia, PA

“I was so afraid that I would have a picture of some dog hanging in my house. Instead I will have my baby, Lucky. You have captured his look and personality and I am thrilled with the finished product. This is one of those gifts that is truly priceless!”
—Debbie C. | New Orleans, LA

“I cried. The portrait is so beautiful and so alive—it is like looking right into his eyes. How you managed to capture Haze’s combination of spirit and gentleness without ever having met him is simply amazing.”
—Mary C. | Philadelphia, PA

“Julie is so wonderful to work with. She was so patient in working with Buddy, our shih tzu. It is incredible how beautifully she captured his personality in his portrait.”
—Celia W. | New Orleans, LA

“Just wanted to let you know I couldn’t wait any longer and gave my parents the picture of Rudy. I wish you could have seen how happy it made them. Thank you so much! They love it so much. My mom said it was the most thoughtful gift she has ever received. My dad especially loved how it matched the house perfectly. It is so nice to look at it and think of Rudy every time you come into the house!”
—Jill Z. | Philadelphia, PA

“We got the portrait! She is amazing! You do incredible work! We already hung it up and it looks even better “live”—we can’t thank you enough.”
—Matt  C. | Philadelphia, PA

“Wow! They are beautiful!  Love the colors and the composition. I’m glad you are attached to them. You have put a lot of energy and good karma into the work. You did a fabulous job.”
—Mickey S. | Pinehurst, NC

“The painting is amazing, Julie! thanks so much!! I will take a pic and send to you of it hanging on the wall. You are so talented and it’s something I will treasure!!!!”
—Maureen G. | Chicago, IL



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